Merry Christmas!

This year we ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly. We had big intentions and high hopes for the photos. We were decked out in Christmas gear (aprons, sweaters, vests). We had props. We made cookies for the shoot. We had spatulas, and oven mitts and santa hats. We had our fancy-dancy camera with a self-timer mode. We had a perfect idea and a clear vision of what would happen.

We also had Apollo. Who made it impossible to fully carry out our vision with the cookies, the spatulas, the oven mitts, and so on.

For an hour and a half we tried to hold her close without getting scratched. For an hour and a half we laughed until tears poured out of our eyes at her ability to run away from us as fast as possible. For an hour a half we bribed her with cat treats, and tried to smile even though we were getting mauled and bitten. Yes, we have a biter.

She was jumping out of my arms.

She was wondering why she was squished between us.

She wanted to eat the cookies.

But eventually, after a long time, lots of laughs, a few scratches here and there, we ended with this:

:) Enjoy your day.

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