We've had quite the vacation. Sean was off for a week, although he had to go in today. And I'm off until January 7th. What's that? You're jealous? I get that a lot.

I think Apollo is getting used to us being home. She's getting flashbacks of our summer together, I'm sure.

She's getting quite used to sleeping in until 9AM:

Waking up and having hot chocolate:

Helping with chores and putting away new gifts:

Taking a morning nap during ABC Family's 11AM showing of Gilmore Girls:

Around lunch time remembering the Christmas tree exists:

In the middle of the afternoon, finding a quiet place to take an afternoon nap. Preferably in a pile of my new clothes:

Helping with making some Christmas treats:

 Waiting for us to feed her dinner and becoming impatient thus turning into someone mischievous:

Playing with her new toys... for hours and hours after dinner:

And then waiting for us to bring her to bed.

...All to start it over the next day.


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  1. I have to admit, seeing all these photos of her, she is growing on me. I normally am not a cat person at all (besides Chica, haha) but she is pretty cute!


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