We hosted a football party, what?

We don't like football.
Well, no. Let's not say that.
We are those "jump on the bandwagon" sports fans.
The ones "real fans" hate.

Because when a Boston sports team is doing well... it's hard to get away from them.
These people around here, are crazy fanatics.
Always talking about "Red Sox nation", "Patriots nation", and all that jazz.
So around play-off time, we occasionally figure "if you can't beat'em... join'em".
Or we just forget about it and watch old episodes of Friends... what?

Well, I thought football was winding down... but it's not. Who knew?
Regardless, we had people over yesterday to eat and watch football.
So I figure... that's a football party.

Originally, I had big plans to do it up Pinterest style. But that crap takes time.
And coming off of the holidays, organizing, cleaning... I just didn't have time to make football cake-pops.
Or the expertise to do so.
Maybe one day.

Instead we had traditional foods that [I think] you'd find at a football party at the end of December:

Buffalo chicken wings
Home-made pizzas
Taco dip
Veggie platter (just to make ya feel a little bit better about yourself at the end of the day... "I had a piece of cucumber")
Chocolate chip cookies

We also had a lot of drinks.
A lot.

Thankfully, the Patriots won (unless you're a Miami fan because you're probably upset they didn't even score...) so it meant that our guests weren't upset when leaving. It was also a low-key, and low-level stress game so no one was yelling and becoming agitated. See what sports cause?

Nonetheless, Apollo still spent most of the evening away from everyone and way up high on the kitchen cabinets:

Sean and his brothers forgot the game was even on and spent most of the night playing instruments and playing with auto-tune:

And again we thought it important to take a family photo since Joe and Kim weren't here Christmas day when the last one was taken:

Four people in this photo didn't actually have Patriots shirts to sport and had to borrow them just for picture-taking purposes. Can you guess who?

The game ended at a reasonable hour so there was still time for some games.
We played Big Bang Theory trivia (apparently I don't pay attention to that show as much as I thought I did) and finished the night off with the game, Anomia.

I suggest that game to you.
Buy it.
You'll thank me later.

And because today is today.
I leave you with this:

Happy New Year's Eve!

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