We're spoiled.

It's taken two full days of cleaning, organizing, washing, drying, getting rid of the old and making room for the new... but I think all our gifts finally have homes.

I got a pile of clothes, things for crafting, beauty products, jewelry, a new iPhone case, gift cards, a new pair of Toms, and the Nexus 7.

I'm actually pretty sure I'm forgetting to mention some things.

Sean was lucky, too. He made room for clothes, gift cards, a new case for his tablet, a contraption that allows us to watch movies and TV, tools, an external hard drive, cologne, and fancy headphones:

I'm probably forgetting some of his things, as well.

Apollo made out, too:

For our house we were given decorations, ornaments, cookbooks, and various kitchen items including a knife set!
Now we can have people over for dinner and not be embarrassed they won't be able to cut their food. 

Oh, and I'm on chapter 11 of the first Harry Potter book on my new reader. I hope to finish, at least, four of the books before I go back to work.

We'll see. Tablets are so fun!

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