Yearly Recap: 2012.

Every year it feels as though the year passed quicker than the one before it.

Here's my recap of 2011.
Here's my recap of 2010.

And, now, here's 2012:


We rang in 2012 with family and then with friends. We moved out of Sean's parent's house and into our loft after falling in love with it. We had a horrible experience buying our first set of furniture. We celebrated 6 months being married. We watched the Patriots win. A lot.


I had an asthma attack that landed me in the ER. I forced Sean to take me to Ikea many times to continue furnishing our new place. We watched the Patriots lose the superbowl. We celebrated Valentine's Day with Italian food and I baked way too many cupcakes.


We traveled to Puerto Rico with our parents and stayed in a penthouse condo. I started reading the Hunger Games, became intrigued and made Sean take me to the movie. I really thought we'd win the lottery. We celebrated Sean's birthday (26) and I surprised him with a trip to a shooting range where I realized I really, really, hate guns.


We traveled to Maryland for an anniversary party and on the way back stopped at 6 Flags. We celebrated Easter. I talked about how to be the wife of a musician. We also brought home Apollo and completely fell in love with her.


We became "those people" when we started traveling around town with Apollo riding shotgun. I finished my Montessori training. I reflected on my work. We celebrated Memorial day with family.


I finished another year of teaching. I made summer goals. Apollo became a guest blogger and my new favorite obsession as I spent all my days with her. I traveled to California. I wrote a post about my cousin having a baby. I blogged about Easton's baby shower.


We celebrated the 4th with family. We had a sweet yard sale. I was confused and saddened with the news coming out of Aurora, CO. We were in tornado watches on a number of occasions and I created our tornado stash. We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in Niagara Falls: one and two.


Apollo graced us with her second post. My cousin had her baby shower and I made a diaper tricycle and some onesie cupcakes. I made some goals for my 26th year of life. We took Apollo on her first vacation to Maine. We attended a wedding, baby Easton was born, I went to an amusement park and finally went for a swim.


I went back to work. Sean had surgery and I turned 26. I started taking Zumba and Country Line Dancing. I went to the first wedding without Sean, since he had surgery, and I realized that I don't like doing things without him. I ran a 5K [thru woods and trails] and surprised myself. We went apple picking, baby Lilyana was born, and my obsession with TV became a problem.


Blogging took a back seat to life. I spent a weekend in the Cape with family and met Easton. We did Halloween things and visited Salem. I spent most of my time, energy and money on last minute efforts for the Obama campaign and told you why I was voting for him. We also met Lilyana, attended a wedding and Hurricane Sandy hit us. We had a day off from work and didn't get any trick-or-treaters for Halloween.


I was thrilled when Barack Obama was re-elected. I showed you our new china cabinet. We hosted a couples game night. Breaking Dawn, part 2 was finally released. We hosted Thanksgiving at our place. I went shopping on Black Friday.


I went to Houston for work. The news out of Newtown left the country re-examining... everything. We decorated for Christmas. I hosted a cookie swap. We sent out holiday cards. We celebrated Christmas.

[My original plan was to show one picture of the two of us for each month. You'll notice in May and June, we apparently, only took pictures of Apollo]

2012 was very good to us.
I hope it was good to you, too!

Happy New Year's Eve!

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