A sweet gesture.

When Sean and I started dating, he bought me flowers. They were beautiful. I had been in Mexico and he bought them for me to welcome me home. It was sweet.

When I was bringing them home to my house, I placed the vase on the floor in front of the passenger's seat. Naturally when I was backing up the car, the vase tipped, I leaned down to catch it, hit the gas instead of the brake and hit his brother's car. In the driveway. Yup. I was that girl.

It wasn't a light tap, either. It was a huge ordeal. An honest mistake but clearly an embarrassing moment that is still referred to... "hey, remember that time you hit my car and practically totaled your car?"... "hey, remember when you crashed the car in the driveway?"

Yes, I remember.

Needless to say, Sean's rarely given me flowers since. And when he has, he's had them delivered to the house to avoid any necessary travels.

Well, this week he surprised me and sent flowers to my work.

The best part? He sent them just because.

Not for a holiday, or birthday, or anniversary. Nope.
Just because he felt like it. :)

Of course, inside the box was a note that said "please don't crash your car". I didn't.

And I love them.

...Apollo is learning to cohabitate with them.

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