And now a blogger button!

I made a button!

It took forever.
I guess not literally. But it was frustrating and it felt like it took a lot longer than it should have.
I followed various tutorials on google.
Eventually, I found one that didn't make me crazy.

Sean tried to help me, at first. Turns out... he's not the best teacher.

He kind of says a little out loud but more inside his head and the stuff he says inside his head seems to be the important stuff that you can't do without.
Eventually, he just went to bed.

But he did hang a shelf for me today. So it's a win/win all around.
Wait until you see the shelf. 
It's beautiful and from Ikea via Amazon.com since we had an Amazon gift card. 
We are tricksters.

But yeah, so this button.
Go, grab it!

It's over on the sidebar.
I can't figure out how to link it within the post.
Maybe I'll focus on that tomorrow.

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  1. OMG I was seriously staring at allll these html tutorials to make a button too...and well let's say I gave up...none of them worked...or maybe I have no skills? Which tutorial did you use?


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