Enjoying the present.

On Mondays, I feel ready for the week.
On Tuesdays, I feel bitter that there are still three more days until the weekend.
On Wednesdays, I feel excited that I'm halfway there.
On Thursdays, I feel relieved that I made it thus far.
On Fridays, I feel anxious for 4PM.

So, you see how I'm feeling today?
It's Tuesday.

It's a strange thing to spend life counting down the days until the day you're looking forward to.
Whether it's for a Saturday, the first day of vacation, or the release of the Breaking Dawn DVD (March 2nd, by the way)... it would seem that I spend a lot of my time waiting. Waiting for the next thing. Looking forward to some date in the future that I've already cornered off in my mind as something great. Something worthy. Something to get me by.

As if my constant, continuous, day to day activities aren't enough.
As if I don't do much, or see much, or contribute much... each day.

Sean doesn't do that.
He takes each day as it comes,
and doesn't complain too much.
He's excited about the future,
but totally lives in the present.
He doesn't believe in being blind to the life around him.

That's why we work well together.
He reminds me that if I ignore the constant, continuous, day to day activities,
and only look forward to the weekends, the vacations, and the new Breaking Dawn DVD, 
I'm missing out on a lot.
And spending too much of my time waiting,
rather than living.

And I don't want to do that.

So here's to enjoying the rest of the week.
With a smile, and a positive feeling.


  1. AMEN sista! I am so guilty of rushing through life and I hate it, I realize it day in and day out, but I continue to do it. I think it's human nature to rush through work, especially. Good for your for taking a stand and trying to enjoy the present...I need to do more of that!

  2. I am the same way as you...always excited for what's to come...counting down to the weekends...passing by Monday-Friday at 5:30 like it's nothing. Guys tend to be more "live in the moment" people..i'm jealous of them for that. I will try to be more like that...but I can't make any promised. I think i'm hardwired this way.


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