Facts about me.

I thought I'd share some tidbits today.
Everyone's doing it, so why not?

First things first: you could obviously read my about me.
Don't want to click anything?
Totally understandable.
If you're new in these parts of blogland,
here's what you should know.

1. One time I met Oprah... at the wax museum. 
But we shared a moment. I swear.

2. I make this face when I'm confused.
Or when I'm angry that the Dublin zoo took my admission ticket...
which means I can't keep it to scrapbook.

3. My worst fear is drowning. 
I can't be in the water without some type of flotation device. 
Even though I look calm in this picture... there were probably tears at some point.

4. I don't drink alcohol. 
I make this face when I do. 

5. I force animals to be close to me. 
I can't help it. 
I just love them.

6. I love spending time with my husband. He's the best and we have so much fun together.

That's all for today.
I guess I'm just an Oprah loving, slightly confused, aqua-phobic, non-alcohol drinking, animal obsessed... 
wife, in love with her husband.


  1. You got me with the Oprah thing, I was like OH MY GOSH SHE'S SO LUCKY and then you said she was made out of wax.

    Total letdown!


  2. Visiting from the link up and love your blog! And you got me with the Oprah thing too! haha. Newest follower here :)


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