Home Tour: bathroom.

Since we've been here for a year and plan to stay for at least a bit longer I thought throughout the week I could show how we live. Or what we're working with.

Monday: our kitchen.
Wednesday: our bedroom.

Today: our bathroom.

Keep in mind, interior decorating and photography... not my expertise. It's also rarely this clean, we love bright colors, and Apollo may or may not make an appearance in some of these photos.

It's pretty plain.
But plain in a bathroom is a good thing.
The shower curtain is all pulled because Apollo climbs up it like it's a jungle gym.
It's also really hard to take pictures of a bathroom and not see your reflection in the mirror.
We have two doors in the bathroom, one leads to our bedroom and one leads to the main part of the apartment.
So I guess it's kind of like a master suite.
But not really.

Tomorrow, I will try to post about our second bedroom/office/craft space/music room (we're multi-functional). But it really depends on when the sun sets and whether I'm able to take pictures or not. :)

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  1. so organized, i love this litte tour you're doing! and i totally know what you mean about daylight and taking photos- i had a post i wanted to do last night, but i couldn't because the project photos i took during the evening didn't look so good, so i have to wait until this wknd when i'll actually be home when it's light outside-darn winter!


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