Home Tour: Dining & Living Room.

Since we've been living here for a year and plan to stay for at least a bit longer I thought throughout the week I could show how we live. Or what we're working with.

Keep in mind, interior decorating and photography... not my expertise. It's also rarely this clean, we love bright colors, and Apollo had a really hard time keeping away from me while I was taking pictures. So if you see something that looks like a cat sculpture please know we don't actually own those, and it's really her.

Yesterday: our kitchen.
Today: our dining & living room.

The instagram canvas tutorial can be found here.
The dining room is less of a room and more of a table and chairs.
The signed guitar was the guestbook at our wedding.
The canvas print above the book shelf is a picture taken from our Puerto Rico trip.
The canvas print above the fireplace is a picture taken on our honeymoon in Ireland.
Both are from easycanvasprints.com.
Go there now. They always have deals. And usually send you $10 gift cards as a thank you.

Tomorrow: our bedroom.


  1. Lovely details I just LOOVE the exposed brick...gives it a real city look.


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