Home Tour: Kitchen.

We've been in our place a year this week. We can't believe it. Sean's very excited that even though the one year anniversary of living someplace is upon us... we aren't currently living among boxes and packing for a new place. He's pumped to be staying here for longer and that our lease extends through May.

I can just tell.

I'm, also, very excited that we're not moving. I mean, renting a truck and maneuvering it around snow banks and trying to carry heavy boxes is not fun. Oh wait, I don't actually participate in that aspect of moving. I'm more the "oh, that box goes in here" or "uhh, I think a little to the left would look better" type of girl.

Since we've been here for a year and plan to stay for at least a bit longer I thought throughout the week I could show how we live. Or what we're working with.

Keep in mind, interior design and photography... not my expertise. It's also rarely this clean, we love bright colors, and Apollo had a really hard time keeping away from me while I was taking pictures. So if you see something strange... it's most likely her tail.

Today: our kitchen. 

I know our Christmas wreath is still up. That was one decoration I missed on Friday.
Oh, and I didn't take a picture of our sink, but rest assured... we have one.

Tomorrow: the dining & living room.


  1. You sure photography and interior design are not your expertise? :)

    I love your kitchen! It looks so good! Your green hutch is perfection!

  2. so cute, it looks so homey and welcoming. congrats on your 1 year apartment anniversary-quite exciting! I hope I can make it back and see it someday :)


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