Home Tour: our bedroom.

Since we've been here for a year and plan to stay for at least a bit longer I thought throughout the week I could show how we live. Or what we're working with.

Monday: our kitchen.

Today: our bedroom.

Keep in mind, interior decorating and photography... not my expertise. It's also rarely this clean, we love bright colors, and Apollo may or may not make an appearance in some of these photos.

So, our bedroom is still really plain. We need help.
But I have big plans. Or at least a vision.
Our bed is from Ikea, as are the nightstands. 
They may or may not be put together with wood glue since Ikea gave us the wrong pieces/tools.
I've overtaken the dresser and almost both closets.
But we'll just say mine is the closet on the left. :)

Tomorrow: the bathroom.


  1. I adore the wood throughout your home!

  2. I love the bedroom! I think plain is good for sleeping : ) The brick walls in your apartment are amazing!!

  3. your place is SO nice, I can't believe I haven't seen it yet. I love the brick everywhere, and the white doors, so pretty. your room looks pretty clean and organized if ya ask me!


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