Is there ever really enough time?

I'm smiling, but a little sad.

Today marks my last official day of vacation. Two weeks. Literally flew by. 
I don't count Saturday and Sunday because I would have them off anyway.

Most people hear that and say "be glad you got two weeks", "you're lucky". 
And oh, I know.

But I just feel that two weeks at home really shows you how quickly time flies. I'm able to do anything I want. Stay up late. Sleep in until noon. Watch TV. Clean all day. Do laundry. Go out with friends. See my family. Hang out with Apollo. Blog often. Make plans freely. Do nothing. Not think about work. 

I haven't driven my car (with the except of moving it for snow bans) since December 23rd. December twenty-third. Two thousand twelve. Which means I haven't needed to buy gas (I still have a full-tank).

I haven't needed to wake up at 5:15 in the morning, go outside in the frigid cold to start my car 30 minutes before I'm ready to leave, or fight with traffic to get to work on time. 

I haven't needed to leave for work when it's still dark out only to return home when it's already dark out thus eliminating any sense of motivation for me to get out and do something other than work during the day.

I've enjoyed my time. Not to say that I've used my time wisely.
No. No.
I did not.

Had I used my time wisely... it wouldn't still feel like Christmas in here. 
My decorations would be put away and winter decorations would be seen.

Had I used my time wisely... all of the laundry would be done -- jackets, scarves, mittens, blankets and all the other bulky stuff I "save" for the next load would be washed and dried.

Had I used my time wisely... my thank you cards would already be in the mail rather than sitting next to me while I type.

Had I used my time wisely... the kitchen would be organized instead of things thrown in the cabinets and drawers.

Had I used my time wisely... I'd be on book 4 rather than book 1 of Harry Potter.

Had I used my time wisely... we would have food and I would have gone grocery shopping more than once.

But I've enjoyed my time.
I've enjoyed blogging every day. Taking pictures. Being with friends and family. Going out with Sean after dinner. Taking naps with Apollo. Creating a facebook page. Catching up on daytime TV. Watching movie marathons of things I've seen a million times. Dreaming up vacation plans and searching them on google maps. Organizing things halfway only to get bored and leave the piles "for later".

Isn't that what a staycation is all about?
I think so.
And I definitely feel like I succeeded in that.

Today's goal is to finish up the odds and ends of everything I started over the past two weeks. I have 8 hours until Sean gets home from work. 
I'll keep you posted.

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  1. and that is exactly how i would have spent my two weeks.

    now you can do all that work in 8 hours, hehe ;)

    have a fabulous weekend!


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