It's sad but don't bawl over it.

Sean and I went to see:

It was definitely worth it to see it in the theater... on the big screen.
It was moving, triumphant, emotional and of course, so... so... so sad.
Depressing sad. The kind of sad that makes you so glad you don't live in the 1800's.
Or have to fight for revolutions. And thankful we have a government system that works for the people. 
(oh, wait?).

I knew the story. I loved the story. I looked forward to the songs.
I was amazed by the singing. By Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. 
I was thoroughly impressed knowing they sang their songs on-set, while filming rather than in a studio beforehand.
It was generally flawless. And I'd see it again. I'd actually pay to see it again... and again.

What I wouldn't pay to see again... is the girl sitting in front of us.
Who was crying... no, no... bawling.
Talking to the screen. Mouthing the words to the songs.
Dare I say... clapping?

All of my pet peeves. 
Look, when you go to the theater... please remember, you are among other people. 
Strangers, actually. 

And we don't want to see you cry and look like a hot mess.
It's not like you're going through the French revolution.

If you can't handle it, wait until it's out and borrow it from Redbox.
Then you can bawl, sing, talk, wave your hands and scream injustice all you want.
Just please don't do it during my $22 date night.

For real. 

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  1. haha I hope if and when I see that I am not that girl. I hate annoying people at movies!


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