It's a sick world we live in these days.

Oh, you're wondering why we've never mentioned we had a child?
Not to worry... these medications are mine.
You may be confused at the sight of all children's medicine labels.
I'm part of the 40% of adults believe it or not, that cannot swallow pills.
Which means when I'm sick... it's a lot of grape flavored chewables and bubblegum liquid meds.

My doctors appointment today was fast. 
Usually they throw me in the room and forget about me.
But today they were on top of their game.
She came right in and said "you know I can't let you leave without a flu shot."
But it wasn't phrased as a question like... "you know...?"
It was a statement.
And I started to have a slight panic attack.
I hate shots.

I went through the exam first for sinuses: I have a sinus infection.
Next for my ears: I have an ear infection.
Next for my throat: I may have strep throat. They have to "grow" it. Whhhhat?

I thought I was in the clear and that she would hopefully forget about the shot.
But apparently, she was on top of her game because as I stood up she asked which arm I preferred.
I told her I didn't think it was necessary but ultimately had to choose my left arm.

I drove to the pharmacy, tearing up and feeling bad for myself.. and my arm.
Only to arrive at CVS to sign my life away.
If teenagers could stop making meth with children's Sudafed... that'd be great.
I had sign for it in three different places and have my license scanned and put into "the system". 
Is that necessary?
Well apparently, it is.

So, all in all, after the doctors, CVS, and a little love and cuddles from Apollo... 
I'm on the road to recovery and we're waiting for Sean to get home. :)


  1. I hope your feeling better :) at least Apollo is happy.

  2. Fell better dear! Hopefully you can make it to the party on Saturday night!


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