Movies. Movies. Movies.

We see a lot of movies. It occurred to me that some people don't.
For whatever reason.
In honor of the movie award season that seems to be taking off, I thought I'd do a run-down of last year's movies that we saw.
Most of them are not up for any nominations. 
But I don't think that necessarily means anything. :)

[Remember these are from 2012]


When I tell you, you didn't miss anything as far as movies go last January... I'm telling the truth. There wasn't anything worth spending money on in the theaters. In fact, January 2012 ruined my goal of seeing a movie in the theater every month. Big thumbs down.


I loved The Vow and would highly recommend it as a date night movie. It's sweet and sad and romantic. And semi-based on a true story.
This Means War was okay. Like... if you had a bunch of mediocre movies and this was a choice, I'd choose to watch it but only because Reese Witherspoon and Chelsea Handler are in it. Other than that, it was a little dumb.
Wanderlust is one of our favorites. We refer to it all the time and still watch it regularly. But we're big fans of Paul Rudd... like huge fans.


The Lorax was cute. If you know the book or have a kid you'll probably enjoy it. 
The Hunger Games was... interesting. I'd recommend seeing it now so you don't have to catch up with the series when the second one comes out.
21 Jumpstreet is another favorite. We own it, refer to it, and quote it... all the time. It is so funny. So funny.


The Lucky One is another good date night movie. A tad cliche but that never hurt anybody. It made me realize that I'm a little obsessed with Zac Efron. No big deal.
We felt like we had to see American Reunion because we grew up during the American Pie era. It was a good ending to a movie series and it's pretty neat that they got all the original cast members.


Men in Black III was really good. It's just as funny as the first two, so I'd recommend it if you liked the others. But if you didn't like the others, then don't bother.


Prometheus was not my pick. It was a little painful for me, but Sean loved it. So that says something. I didn't understand it half the time.
Magic Mike was a bit uncomfortable but a pretty good movie. It was our third Channing Tatum movie of the year... so it was very enjoyable.
Ted was hysterical, we watch it all the time. I love Mila Kunis in it and Mark Wahlberg is good, too.
That's My Boy was pretty funny. I wouldn't say Adam Sandler is back from making horrible movies but it was a lot better than some of his other recent movies.
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World was depressing. That's it. Watch it if you don't mind feeling nervous and bad for the world.


The Dark Knight Rises was okay. It was Sean's pick and he really loved it. I was mad that Batman's not even in the movie for a good hour. And that his voice is really low and annoying. 
The Watch was okay. I love Jonah Hill so I wanted to see it, but it wasn't totally great. It was a bit slow and stupid.  


If you want to be confused about what you're watching, see Cosmopolis. Or if you like Robert Pattinson. No really. I've watched it twice and I have no idea what the movie is even about. Like none. I know he's in a limo, wants a hair cut and has a bad marriage. That's it. 
The Campaign was what you would expect it to be. Slightly funny but really dumb. I have to be in the mood for Will Ferrell, unless it's Elf... I can always watch Elf. 


September was slim-pickings at the theaters again and we were left to see House at the End of the Street. It wasn't good. But it had you scared thinking that something scary was going to happen without anything scary ever happening. 


Argo was amazing. I'd highly recommend it. It's nominated for a bunch of awards so I think that says something. 


Silver Linings Playbook was really good. But it was emotional and more of a dark comedy than I thought it would be. 
I can't really say enough about Breaking Dawn part 2. Sean would say that he loved it because it's the final one and I won't have to drag him to anymore of the Twilight movies. But it was the best one. I swear. You need to see it.
We had to stop watching Lincoln. We didn't get it. Maybe we missed something or didn't pay enough attention in history class. But it's nominated for awards so they must have done something right.


Les Miserables was amazing. I loved it and Sean loved it. It was very impressive and is also nominated for things.
This is 40 was hysterical. Hysterical. It's already a favorite and something we refer to and quote all the time.

Well, that's it.

So, what about you?
What did you see last year?


  1. thank you for this...I'm not a big movie goer so it's nice to read this recap! But talking movies, we just saw Django last wknd and it was so good. I didn't really want to see it but i ended up really liking it (although it was VERY intense and graphic)But the actors were all so good.

    Also-I'm currently reading Safe Haven and can't wait for that Cliche movie to come out so I can go see it :)


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