Our weekend.

The Patriots just lost.
Like really bad.
I've said before, football isn't for me and I don't really follow it.
But I left our family dinner at half-time and they were winning.
I got home and they were losing by so much.
The fact that they lost today, doesn't change how I went to the stadium for lunch yesterday.
My parents and I went to CBS Scene, where you can "see" the field and watch the game while you eat.
I really only think that's true if you have one of those crazy lenses the paparazzi uses to take photos of Justin Bieber.
Because it was a good distance away.
But each table had a TV and you can watch any show you can imagine:
If it's on CBS.
So we watched Big Bang Theory while we ate.
Pretty sweet.

Saturday night we went to a third anniversary release party for a friend's clothing line: Monogram Apparel.
It was a lot of fun and we were able to see lots of people we haven't seen in some time.
Sean also took his promo shots for his new band.
But more on that later in the week.

Sunday morning, Apollo woke me up at 6AM.
She doesn't quite understand the concept of a weekend.
We spent most of the day "running around" as Sean says.
I call it window shopping, browsing and grocery shopping.
We went to a local bookstore in search of travel books for our next trip.
Made a stop at Home Goods because I'm positive I need throw pillows.
Ended up at Target without any intentions of going there.
But walked out with $50 less.
How does that happen?
And finished our outing at the grocery store.
It's amazing to look down the aisles at the supermarket when every person in view has on a Patriots shirt.
It's a little crazy.

Which brings us to the end of our night, and the end of Sean's weekend since he doesn't have tomorrow off.
We had dinner with family: Mexican night.
Tacos, chili, quesadillas, the works.
It was delicious.

We watched the first game.
The 49's & the Falcons?
Or "I left my heart in San Francisco" & "Welcome to Atlanta where the players play".
That's more like it.

And then we watched the Pats.
Or "Boston, you're my home".
I don't have a clever song lyric for the Ravens.
In Pats nation, I guess they don't really deserve one at this point.
...Or expect it.

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  1. It was still a great weekend even though "they" didn't win!


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