Sean's new band: i invent.

Sean and some friends formed a new band.
Which is a good thing because since the break-up of Widow Sunday, his last band...
He's been antsy. And motivated to get something new started.

I'm really proud that he's the type of guy that will make things happen for himself.
When he believes in something, he goes for it and his passion is unyielding.
And when he no longer sees something working out for him, he walks away.
Life's too short, right?

His new band includes some past band members, some long-term friends, and some new friends that will soon become family.
That tends to be how a band works.
You're suddenly in a relationship with four more people, plus their significant others.
It's strange, but interesting.

So, here's to i invent.

...May the odds be ever in your favor.

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  1. I look forward to a future relationship with you! :P


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