Sometimes we eat classy food. Sometimes we eat Taco Bell.

I like plain foods. Simple. Non-daring. 
I order the same thing at each place we ever go to and I'm not generally a "taster".
I need to eat every 4-6 hours. 
When I don't, I become mean and irrational.
I don't do it on purpose, but it always feels out of my control.

It seems that when Sean's older brother is in town, we're invited to restaurants that are typically out of my realm of comfort. For instance, not the Outback
Which is great for a number of reasons: 
1. they're always nice and fancy 
2. they're excuses to wear nicer than usual clothes 
3. we're in great company 

Occasionally, it's not so great for my "usual" and "boring" palette. 
So, in order for me not to become cranky and sit through dinner hungry and nervously awaiting the next course, Sean knows he needs to feed me before we enter into these dinner excursions.

Case in point: last night.

Last night we were invited to the Blue Ginger. And I was scared.
Five years ago, I found myself sitting at the Blue Ginger staring down at my plate of Caesar salad, that looked nothing like a Caesar salad, feeling starving and overwhelmed only to look up and see the chef Ming Tsai himself standing there to ask me how I was enjoying my meal. Of course, I told him I loved it because what do I know about food? It was probably delicious, but I couldn't move past the fish pieces and the oranges. 

[Why do fancy restaurants always put something out of the ordinary on something that is usually so regular?]

Anyways, fast forward to 2013. Last night.
Sean knew he had to feed me. So we stopped at Taco Bell to fill-up.

And it was actually a mistake.

Because once we got to the Blue Ginger, I found something on the menu that sounded amazing.
Panko Chicken. I can handle that, I thought.

Turns out the chicken came with a fish sauce, and curry pasta. So I had to order something that wasn't on the menu: chicken and rice.
And when I got it (much to the waiter's disapproval), it was absolutely delicious.

So, in this new year, I vow to not be so afraid of food.
To not eat at fast food restaurants before we go out to our real dinner.
And to give meals a chance.
I guess you never know when you'll actually like something.

Except for eggs. They really gross me out.

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