The great fall.

Sometimes really embarrassing things happen to me.
Sometimes really painful, embarrassing things happen to me.
So, I figure... why not blog about them?

Take last week, Thursday to be exact.
It was 6AM. Totally dark, totally frigid.
I was walking to my car, completed bundled, 
carrying 3 bags full of things that I probably didn't need to bring to work.
The ground was apparently covered with black ice.
And I was walking so carefully, so cautiously, so slowly.

I got downstairs, down the hallway, through the "courtyard", down the steps, across the parking lot...
And to the car that was parked RIGHT NEXT TO MY CAR,
and suddenly it happened.

My feet did that sort of "running thing" where they are trying to find balance and safety but the ground seems to be moving on them?
That sort of "two-stepping" that doesn't look fancy, and just makes it harder to stand?
And, then... the worst part.

I completely fell.
And not just a slip or a trip.

I mean a full blown, up in the air, slamming down on my backside so that every inch of my body hit the ground at the same time.
From my head to the heels of my feet.
Nothing caught my fall. 
Not my elbows, not my arms... no part of my body risked itself for another.


So, I just laid there.
Beside the back tires of a Ford Ranger.
On the ground. In the middle of a dark parking lot.

When I realized what happened, I tried to get up...
Shamed and saddened.
Annoyed that no one was there to help, but relieved no one witnessed my fall.

I was no longer carrying my car keys that I originally had in my hands.
I sat up looked around and realized they, too, had landed on the black ice and slid down the hill of the parking lot.

Not being able to stand... 
I did what anyone in my situation would do.
I crawled on my hands and knees... on the black ice... 
in the middle of the dark parking lot.. and retrieved my keys.
Only to drag myself back up the hill, to my car, and drive in traffic to work.

Perfect morning, huh?

Luckily my iPhone survived the fall. 
My can of coke did not.
And my back still hurts.

So, I think it's safe to say I'm losing the game between myself and Winter 2013.

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