Weekly Recap.

The week sort of got away from me.
I guess that's what happens to teachers during report writing time.
It's also been in the negatives weather wise.
It, obviously, could be a lot colder but when you wake up to see -18,
all you can think about is the number of hours it'll be until you can be back in bed again.
(12 hours for me, by the way).

Basically, I've been using my computer as a heating pad.
Putting it on my lap, closed and just enjoying the warmth.
Apollo's been doing this:

Lounging by the fireplace, that is.
And Sean is still not wearing a jacket.
What is that about?
I'll never know.

Even though we froze, we didn't starve.
Here is what we had for dinner last week:

Monday: Tortellini Soup.

I got the recipe from my cousin Brett, who got it from her sister in-law. I was a little nervous, and Sean said I went too light on most of the veggies and that it would have been a lot better if I hadn't been so conservative with the onions and bok choy. I was surprised I even brought myself to purchase it at the grocery store.

But basically, I sauteed onions, mushrooms, garlic in a pan.
Brought 2 boxes of chicken broth to a boil, then added a family sized portion of tortellinis.
Cooked them for the amount of time the package said, I think it was like 12 minutes.
Added the veggies and bok choy at the end.
A plus point is that I got to use my Le Crueset for the first time.

Tuesday: Buffalo wings and homemade french fries.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.
I'll just say we make our "own" hot sauce.
By mixing garlic, butter, Parmesan cheese, and adobo with Frank's Red Hot.
It's delicious.

Wednesday: Bacon, chicken, ranch pizza.

When I vowed to make meals at home, I never said they'd be healthy.

For this, we sauteed chicken.
Rolled out the pizza dough... you can make your own but buying it at the grocery store is much easier.
Bake the dough by itself for a little bit.
Like 7 or 8 minutes.
Then add the ranch dressing, a little goes a long way.
Add the chicken, fresh mozzarella, slices tomatoes, and crumbled up bacon.
Oh yah, cook some bacon.
It's easiest in the microwave so it doesn't make a complete mess.
Cook it all in the oven.
400 degrees, about 20 minutes... give or take.
The thicker the dough, the longer it takes.

Thursday: Chicken Parmesan.

Cover 2 breasts of chicken in breadcrumbs, bake them in the oven.
Cook some pasta.
Make your sauce.
You're done.
Easy, peasy.

And for a blogging recap:

Sunday: Our weekend.
Tuesday: Facts about me.
Wednesday: The great fall.


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  1. I love this! I'm so happy you tried the Tort soup, I know the bok choy is weird, and the first time I made it i only put a little, but now I put a ton, because I realized that flavor goes so well. And those wings and fries...yum!!!! I'll have to try those on a night we aren't on a health kick haha. Oh and I love that pot thing that the tort soup is in!


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