Finding Nemo.

So, typically when I think of Nemo, I think of the movie. You know? The clever one that's hysterical and full of laughs and Ellen DeGeneres.

Currently, when I hear Nemo all I can think about is this apparent blizzard coming our way. More than 3 feet of snow... great.

Unfortunately, because tomorrow is the day of parent/teacher conferences... I still have to go into work. A decision that the husband is not thrilled about. Since my brush with death a few weeks ago, I've given into winter completely and now find myself in my old bedroom, at my parent's house waiting for the alarm to sound letting me know it's time to leave for work with my dad. He's graciously offered to drive me at 5AM. 

I'm not too excited about having to brave the storm. I'd rather be hunkered down in sweats, with Sean and Apollo watching TV. However, if we truly get as much snows as they say... it looks like I'll have a number of days to do that. Assuming the roads don't close down and I'm not trapped at work. Yuck.

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  1. oh no! you two drive safely and be careful! love you!


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