I dragged my husband to a 90-minute talk.

It all started when one of my best friends got engaged.
Immediately, I told her all about wedding expos and how obsessed I was with them while planning my wedding.
Of course, she needed to see what they were all about... I thought.

So, last month the two of us went to one of the larger expos in the area.
To watch a fashion show, be harassed by vendors and collect brochures.
You know, all the necessities for a Sunday afternoon.
As just the "friend" and not the "bride" (so sad for me) I was only able to put my name into a few drawings.

So I walked around, put my name and number into a few baskets and went on my way.
Within a couple of days I was getting phone calls.
Luckily, I screen my calls so they weren't really a problem.
But I kept getting calls from a certain company.
And they stuck out.
"You've won one of the largest prizes at the expo".

After the 4th call, I realized I should at least call them back and see what I've "won".
The girl had one of those loud phone voices.
Sean was across the room and told me he felt like he was on the phone with her.
It was rough.

What did we win?
Round-trip airfare on a major airline to a whole lot of places listed in a brochure.

The catch?
Spend a Sunday, driving two hours to listen to a 90-minute talk about a timeshare, say no thank you multiple times, and drive two hours home.

Ahh, just what the husband wants to do during his weekend.

Especially since the last time "I won one of the largest prizes at the expo" --
I made Sean sit through a 90-minute talk about cookware. COOKWARE.
All for a 2-night stay in a hotel -- all in places we could never afford the plane ticket to.
What a waste of time that was.

But anyways...
Luckily, this time the scenery was this.

And the hotel we had to visit was on the water.

We were a little early so we decided to take in the waterfront view by sitting on a nearby bench.
It's winter, so I cautiously approached said bench --
with my hands out in case it was icy and to touch the bench first to see if it was wet.
Sean? Did not, check to see if the bench was wet before sitting down.

We laughed hysterically for about 10 minutes.
Like we couldn't breathe and our stomachs hurt and tears were rolling from our eyes.

Then I realized that not only did Sean have to sit through this 90-minute talk about timeshares,
but now he had to sit through it with wet jeans and a cold bottom.

Ultimately, we sat through it.
We laughed at the whole ordeal.
And kicked each other underneath the table,
and pinched each other anytime something happened that we wanted to remember to talk about in the car on the way home.
We counted down the minutes until it was over.

And at the end, we got all the information for our "prize".
We're both pretty skeptical, and I'm pretty confident there's an additional catch.
I guess we'll find out when we're ready to book a trip, if ever.

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  1. I won one of those trips at a wedding show too back in the wedding planning days. I never went to the talk though...always wondered what I may have gotten if we had shown up lol! Let us know what happens!


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