March Goals.

I can't even believe February is over.
I don't know if the beginning part of the year moves quickly for everyone,
but I feel like it's flying by.
At the end of January, I said that I wasn't making goals for February because it was too cold to do anything.
I can't even believe that was 4 weeks ago.
The temperature was close to 50 degrees today,
so I thought I should probably make some goals for March.
They're broad and achievable. 
Just how I like them.

Some random thoughts:

- I'm so excited and thankful for everybody's suggestions about TV shows that I should watch. I have time coming up and I'm definitely going to invest in a few of them.
- I haven't been sleeping. Which is strange because I'm usually such an amazing sleeper. Last night, I woke up at 2:30, couldn't fall back to sleep so I decided to clean and do the dishes. So annoying but conveniently organized for the morning. :)
- I realized that I still haven't taken pictures of our extra room to show as part of the home tour (from back in January). So, I'll be trying to do that in the next couple days. Here is our kitchendining/living roombedroom, and bathroom if you're interested.
- I'm going back to watch DVR.
- Goodnight!


  1. How do you make that goal list so cute?!

  2. how did you make that goal list so cute?!


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