Rompers from my husband's perspective.

I'm browsing clothing sites like Simply Audrey, Bloom, and -- of course, Anthropologie.
I'm not purchasing, just imagining.

This is a conversation that just happened:
Me: "do you know what a romper is?"
Sean: "no."
Me: "well, if I show you something will you tell me if it's ugly but could possibly be cute on me?"
Sean: "is it something Kim Kardashian would wear?"
Me: "yes."
Sean: "then, nope."

When I showed him, his face looked like the photo above.
Which was taken 4 weeks ago when I was waving my scarf in his face,
while doing an interpretive dance.

Apparently, my dancing skills and the idea of Kim Kardashian cause the same facial expression.
Maybe, it just means I force him to watch E! too often when her shows are on.
Speaking of... I have 2 episodes of Kourtney & Kim.
What a Friday night!


  1. ha! My husband says the same thing about a romper. I did however wear them when I was pregnant last year and that was ok for some reason...I wonder if I can sneek one in this summer ;)

  2. Kyle hates my ONE romper I own. I still wear it. :p

  3. The cotton rompers have a nautical feel & go well with denim jackets & sandals. They also have thin straps, a drawstring waistline, front buttons & a bandeau top.


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