Summer plans.

It's cold outside. So I can't help but think about summer.
I know I'm supposed to be living in the moment but sometimes snowy days and wintry mix nights leave you dreaming of warm sunshine and weather that allows you to wear less than a parka and Uggs.

I'm especially excited because we've just finalized our summer vacations.
I've mentioned before that my idea of a vacation is a little different than Sean's.
I like cities, main attractions, hotel chains, fancy restaurants...
Sean likes the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path, sleeping under the stars, cooking by the fire...

See? To each their own.

This summer we have a little bit of both planned:


I could not be more excited for July to come. :)


  1. your idea of a perfect vacation is mine and Sean's too :)

    i cannot wait for Summer too! i'm so over winter and wearing winter clothing.

  2. yay for plan #2! Can't wait to see you :) and I'm jealous of your island getaway.


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