The Oscars.

Usually, I go to bed at 10PM.
I just can't function during my day without a decent amount of sleep.
But last night, the Oscars didn't even start until 8:30,
and I felt like they were only giving out an award every 40 minutes.
It was slow-moving. For sure.
I was hesitant about Seth Macfarlane hosting since I rarely get his humor.
Except for Ted. I like Ted.
However, he was the saving grace in our house,
and the only reason, I think, Sean was semi-interested in the awards.

At 10, we moved to bed and watched the rest of the show on our tablet -- 
since, we don't have a TV in our bedroom.
Yup, we can get live TV on our tablet.
Don't ask...

Well, I thought I was watching and thoroughly enjoying the show...
and the next thing I knew Sean had switched it and was watching Stand By Me.
I said, "hey! I was watching that!"
*insert a rude tone of voice and a 90's "duh!"*
And his response was "um, I shut it off 15 minutes ago. Go back to sleep"
:) so I read about the rest in the AM.

Let's just say:
Jennifer Lawrence was my favorite part of the Oscars.
Hands down.
Every time I watch her on something, I wish she was my friend. 
In real life.


And then I saw this, and it made me realize that a lot of people feel the same way for her.
When I read that she tripped.
Oh, so sad.
I just love her more.
I'm sure she's consoling herself with her OSCAR.

Meanwhile, I fell at my high school graduation...
and had to console myself with a bloody knee, and lame diploma.
A golden statue would have been so much better.
She'll bounce back...
I mean, I totally did. 



  1. I love her soo much, and I still can't believe that she won just how I predicted it! She was amazing on Silver Linings movie, have you watched it? you should!!!!


  2. I thought Jennifer Lawrence looked spectacular and I have the same habit of "I was watching that" - haha :)

  3. I love Jennifer Lawrence too! If you haven't already- go and watch her interview with the press after the Oscars! It was hilarious!!


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