There's a blizzard going on outside.

I got to leave work today at noon, thanks to mother nature.
I guess I can stop being so mad at her.

I'm not all that concerned about the storm, even though now the measurements for our area are over 40 inches.
We didn't necessarily prepare.

Had we... we would have full tanks of gas, cash in our wallets, food for a week, water for even longer, etc., etc., etc.

So are we okay?
Well, we have food in the crock pot, so assuming we don't lose power... we'll be able to eat tonight.
Our phones, tablets and laptops are fully charged.
All the flashlights and candles we own are dispersed around our home.
And we did stock up on shovels, chips & salsa and soda.
So I'd say the necessities are taken care of.

We just keep asking each other... is it a blizzard yet?
And our answer is no.
Supposedly, we're going to get more snow today/tonight/tomorrow than we've ever seen fall (at one time) in our lifetime.
I'm not that impressed thus far.

While I'd love to look at warm weather clothes throughout this storm, that's pretty much a tease.
So I've been occupying my time by looking up Valentine's Day-ish clothes.
So cute!

Okay, maybe they are full of wishful thinking and not seasonally appropriate.
But I love it.

Stay warm.

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