TV just isn't the same anymore.


All week, Sean's been getting home from work to me lounging on the couch, in sweats with Apollo and a fleece blanket watching: The Brady Bunch, circa 1969.

Some episodes are so silly (like when they line up from tallest to shortest so they stop pushing each other up the stairs). Some I can't even begin to understand what the conflict of the episode was all about (like when their phone bill was $36...gasp!). But for the most part I love to watch, and laugh, and think about what life/marriage/family was all about in 1969. I can't really imagine.

What I can say is that I probably wouldn't be lounging on the couch in sweats when my husband got home from work. I would probably have dinner ready for him and I'd be keeping it warm in the oven. I'd also probably still be dressed.. in a dress and definitely wouldn't be wearing sweatpants. 

But, honestly... while I'm a little envious of the Brady's and their positive and upbeat family as well as their ability to neatly wrap up any conflict within 30 minutes, I'm thoroughly excited that it's 2013... and my husband made ME dinner tonight (and all week). 

In addition to watching The Brady Bunch, we've been preparing for this winter storm.

Yeah, so more than 2 feet of snow. Sounds fantastic.
We went out to get a shovel. And windshield wipers.
And soda, and m&m's.
Clearly, the necessities.

We just need to make sure we keep our power so I can continue watching The Brady Bunch.
I'm obsessed. 

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