TV talk.

It's no secret that I get home from work each day,
immediately change into sweatpants,
pour myself a glass of coke,
find some type of candy,
and place myself in front of the TV.
It's routine.

Sean's not in love with TV like me.
But he's grown to love, or to tolerate, much of what I watch.
And in turn, I occasionally give him the freedom to watch Bar Rescue while I blog.
Just kidding. Just kidding.

If he had his way, he'd watch shows like Family Guy, and The Walking Dead.
Any time.
But I assure him that he'll like my shows better.
He rarely does, but I try to convince him anyway.

Here's what we're currently watching:

Two and a Half men
2 Broke Girls
The Big Bang Theory

New Girl
Raising Hope
The Following


The Americans

The next three shows are not a "we" thing.
Sean can't stand them, and usually leaves the room.
But I love them.

ABC Family:
Pretty Little Liars

Kourtney and Kim take Miami

Teen Mom 2

So, now I'm taking suggestions.
I have a two week vacation coming up.
I know :)
And that leaves me plenty of time to adopt new shows,
and catch-up.

What do you watch?


  1. Hart of dixie (a you show), and we love all the NatGeo and discovery channel shows (some r super weird-like doomsday prepers-but lots are Interesting!

  2. We have very similar taste in TV! Here are some of my other favorites: How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, Homeland (if you like The Americans, you'll like Homeland), Revenge (first season much better), Once Upon a Time, Switched at Birth, Smash and Hart of Dixie.

    Wow... I watch a lot of TV. lol

  3. I think you should watch Nashville :)


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