Valentine's Day gifts.

I know this is a late post, but I've been busy watching movie after movie.
So clearly I had no time to take pictures of our gifts. :)
I've finally gotten myself off the couch. So here goes.

Sean and I exchanged gifts for Valentine's Day.
You know, the holiday that was nearly a week ago?

We always start with cards.
I think Sean won as far as cards are concerned.
He had it made through Shutterfly. And it has to do with this video.
Loving it.

He also got me a snazzy new iPhone case and chocolates. 
I named a star after him or my nickname for him, Nerbit.

In addition to naming the star, I jumped on the blogger bandwagon and ordered a datevitation.

It's so cute and comes in a sweet little box and everything. 
I recommend looking at the site for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and... anything really.

Now I'm going back to catch up with DVR.
Important things. Important things. :)

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  1. i love how your gifts were so "you guys"! so cute. and i love this "datevatation" thing...I feel lame for never having heard of it before! I must remember for the future!!!


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