Weekly recap & blizzard Nemo.

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Thursday: Finding Nemo.

Blizzard 2013 is still going on outside. 
The news stations are loving the 24 hours coverage.
And they are full of words and phrases like "clobbered", "pelted", and my favorite "the storm of the century".
We've gotten about 28 inches, and throughout today we're supposed to get 6 inches more.
Most places are closed, there's a driving ban so even if you wanted to go out - you'd be breaking the law to do it.
The fine: $500 and up to a year in prison. 
I guess our movie date night needs to be postponed.

So, we're just here, still with power, watching TV and taking naps off and on.
It's actually, exactly what I like to do.

The other thing I like to do: look at all the memes people have been creating regarding this storm.
Whoever named the blizzard Nemo obviously wasn't in their right mind.





I could look for them all day.

Here's to staying warm, the power staying on, and to watching The Cosby show for the remainder of the morning.

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