Weekly Recap & hello February.

On the blog:

I got a few questions on the blog and facebook regarding Thursday's post about money. 
I find that ironic since I don't necessarily consider myself good with money as much as I am cheap.
But I'm thinking about doing a post in the up-coming week answering said questions.
Should be interesting!

Also this week we said goodbye to January and welcomed February.
It's always exciting to welcome a new year but once January is over it's amazing to notice how quickly and easily we fell into that new year. It happens every time!

So in the first month of 2013 we got a facebook page and made a blogger button.
Revealed my success at last year's resolutions.
Showed our home on the blog here, here, here, and here
I revealed facts about me and Sean launched his new band.
We also booked our first summer vacation (details to come), 
spent every Sunday night with family,
celebrated Sean's brother's birthday,
hung out with friends,
saw many, many movies,
and spent all our spare time with our favorite feline.

Happy February!
I'd make goals, but it's too cold to do anything extra.
Maybe once spring comes, I'll be more up for accomplishing things. 

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  1. Wow! Sounds like quite the month. I have to admit I was drawn into your money post. Sounds like you need to come do my budget! We have been married two years and we still have separate accounts. I know we need to combine them, but it has just worked out for us thus far, so that's how we've kept it. Do you have a saving's account together? Just found your blog and have enjoyed your writing! I'm excited to read more.

    new follower :)


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