Weekly Recap.

Tuesday: Summer plans.

To talk about the rest of my week, and the part that I didn't blog about,
I'm going to link-up with Stephanie.

This is the one where I tell you some good things & some bad things,
that happened this week.
In an effort to end on a positive note,
I'll start with the negative.


1. Who's gotten a filling without Novocaine? This girl. That's who. Twice. Not because I didn't get the shots. I got plenty of shots, but apparently they hadn't "kicked in" when the drilling began. The best part, was going back 5 days later, after being in constant pain, and having to go through drilling and filing and polishing again... without pain medication. It felt like what I imagine going to the dentist would feel like way back when. I just clenched onto the arms of the chair and hoped for it to be over. The dentist thanked me for not moving or slapping him. So, I guess I did well. And maybe will get a new dentist.

2. National Grid sent us a letter telling us that we use more electricity than more than 100 other units in our building and if we'd like for them to come out and complete an energy audit they'd be happy to do it. They've also told us that we pay about $400 more yearly than anyone else in our building. Awesome.


1. Sean got me a necklace for Valentine's Day but shipping took a little bit so I just got it. I'll post a picture soon.

2. This blog has been adding more traffic and gaining new followers in the last couple weeks. That makes me soo happy. So thank you :)

3. We got our tax return back! (had to pay our excise tax... thank you state of Massachusetts) but also got to pay for our summer plans.

And lastly,

4. I got pretty positive news at work that I'll share at a later date. :)

Happy Saturday!


  1. I am excited to see your necklace~New follower from the blog hop:)

    Townhouse Palette

  2. Hello from the blog hop! It is crappy that you pay more than anyone in the building for electric! But be glad that they are willing to do an audit - perhaps your meter is reading wrong :)

  3. Hey, I am your latest follower from the GFC collective! I would love for you to head on over and give me a follow to :-)



  4. Girl, my heart goes out to you... a filling without Novacaine? Ouch. Glad to see there were lots of happies this week!!! Looking forward to more updates!

    Diary of a Debutante


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