Who do YOU read?

So, the fact is: I read a lot of blogs.
But I feel like I could follow more.
I'm not the best commenter.
I wish I was better.
I just find myself as more of an introvert.
And often converse with the blogger in my head, but don't click "comment".
I'm that blogger.
It's a goal of mine to be a better commenter.
But also to find new blogs to read.

I used to only read wedding blogs.
Then I started reading newlywed blogs and then mommy blogs.
Not that I have kids, but it's like looking into the future.
I love home decorating/decor/organizing blogs.
I love lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, random blogs, and fashion blogs.

Basically, I love reading. Everything.

There's probably hundreds in my Google reader.
So here are some blogs I read... not all of them though.
And they're in no particular order, because I think they're all great.
Some are just starting out and some have thousands of followers.
Some post every day or multiple times a day and some post a few times a week.
They all post things that matter. And that's what I love.

IHeart Organizing


So, do you read these blogs?
Who do you read that you think I should read too?
It can be your own blog... I don't mind either way.

You can find me on Facebook, too.
So if your blog has a Facebook page we can like each other!

Leave a comment with your link.


  1. I feel the same way! I think your blog is the only one I comment on ;) I'll have to check out these ones though, they look super cute.

  2. I'm glad you posted this! I always find myself reading other blogs and agreeing or having something to say, but not taking the time to comment and/or follow. I need to work on that, too! thanks for featuring me, and i'll have to look at your other daily reads!


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