A birthday weekend.

Sean's birthday was a major success.
We had a day, filled with his favorite foods, a walk around Boston, a movie, and ended the night with chocolate pudding pie.
Today, the celebration continued with lunch with his parents and dinner with mine.
He loved the idea of spreading out the gifts and making them last throughout the day.
He anxiously awaited each of the present opening times,
and it really extended the fun.

For gifts, I decided against Google's advice of money clips & poker chips...
and stuck to what I know Sean loves:
supporting his friends, beer, and the chance to win millions of dollars.
Plus, a couple of things I'd like him to have.

So, I got hoodies from his friend's clothing lines: Monogram Apparel & Hurt Reynolds,
a Sam Adams variety pack + beer glasses,
lottery tickets (we didn't win),
new sneakers + candy,
a level (so he can evenly hang everything I ask him to hang, ha!),
a French press coffee maker with coffee,
and the new Justin Timberlake CD...
(okay, that's sort of for me, too).

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