Brown paper packages.

Tomorrow is Sean's birthday.
A few weeks ago, I came across this and I thought it was adorable.
It's a way to spread gifts throughout the entire day to make it fun, exciting, and last.
You get the recipient a bunch of gifts (they can be as small as candy or as big and extravagant as you'd like),
you wrap them individually,
and designate a time to open each of them.
I chose down to the minute 27 since he's turning 27.
In the original post, one gift is given each hour between 8AM - 8PM.
But I know that Sean will want to go do things on the day of his birthday.
So I decided to do a morning (8:27), around noon (11:27) and a night (9:27) thing.

I'm really excited for his birthday to come and for him to open his presents.
Isn't gift-giving the best? :)

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  1. such a cute idea, i'd be so excited if i was him :)


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