Do you lock your doors at night?

...Apparently, we don't.

On Sunday night, or Monday morning, if you prefer to think about it that way, Apollo woke up at 3AM.
She could do this on the regular, and I'd never know.
If she does... she's quiet and moves through the night without making a peep.
But this particular night/early morning, she was going crazy.
Jumping back and forth between Sean and I.
Knocking our phones off our nightstands.
Scratching us. Stepping on our faces. Using her crazy cat eyes to spook me.

Of course, we ignored it.
3AM, people?!
We don't want to be those people that give in to the cat and just feed her, every time she's acting crazy.
That would just lead to her really running this household... and could probably lead to obesity.
So. No.

We slept through it. Or groaned through it all.
I threatened to banish her to the other room.
But, of course, I wasn't getting out of bed.
Instead, I pulled the covers up over my head and nearly suffocated myself.
At which point she tried to bite my toes.

After two straight hours of this,
my alarm went off and I was almost relieved.
I got ready for work, did my usual routine, went out into the kitchen, fed her,
got my things together for work, bundled up, kissed a sleeping Sean goodbye,
gave Apollo hugs [so she knew I wasn't that mad],
walked to the front door -- in the dark,
reached for the doorknob... where I always reach for it,
and my hand didn't land on the knob where it always does.

Weird, I thought.
I must have missed a step.
"I'm probably not in the same spot as every other morning and that's why I can't find the doorknob."

So I turned on the light and realized...
Uh. No.
I couldn't find the doorknob because it truly wasn't in the same spot as always.
Because the door wasn't closed.
In fact, it was open.
As in wide open.
As in, totally not locked.
As in, totally not secure.

My mind rapidly went through every possible murder scenario that could have happened.
Did someone break in?
Is anything missing?
I may have even imagined someone watching us sleep, 
and/or someone setting up shop in our spare bedroom,
and just living there without our knowledge.

We're telling ourselves that we must have forgotten to close the door tightly when we got home the night before.
Since we had all those bags (ahem, empty recycling bags that were crumbled up and not distracting).

But I've come to the conclusion that Apollo was so annoying...
because she was trying to tell us that we were not locked in.
Or that someone truly was watching us sleep...
and she was like "uh, guys?..."

Since we ignored her, and yelled at her, she probably won't warn us ever again.
I'm pretty confident she's a grudge holder.


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