Me and You. Just - Us Two.

Part of Sean's birthday celebration was spent at the movies. It's fitting since going to the movies is one of our most favorite things to do. Case in point -- we've been like 4 times this month. The best part is we saw, The Croods.


The fact that we saw a children's movie for someone's 27th birthday is even sillier when I tell you that we basically saw it at a matinee showing... on a Saturday. Usually, if we're seeing a movie like this -- we'd go at 10PM to be sure there's no possibility of a child being in the theater (hopefully). Sort of like when we see a PG-13 movie we try to see a first thing Sunday morning showing -- to try to eliminate any possibility of a teenager being there (most likely). But it turned out it was a 6PM showing so there were tons of children in there. In fact, we were the only adults in the whole theater... without a child in tow.

It turned out fine. The whole place was pretty well-behaved and I'm sure they all got the talk beforehand about movie theater etiquette. When the popcorn started dancing and doing their roller coaster thing on the screen, there were lots of  "okay, this is it" and "does anyone need to go to the bathroom?". Lots did, by the way.

It was entertaining and I enjoyed hearing the kids laugh at what they thought was funny. The movie has a lot of adult jokes, too -- so it's even funnier to see what goes right over their heads. Dreamworks is so clever.

Lately, I've been feeling like everyone has a kid in tow. Like, everywhere. In my real world, in my blogging world, in my TV world (that I may be too large a part of). It's okay, and I don't mind it. But it makes it really hard to stick to "we just got married and we want to travel and just be together for a while". 

But that's our plan and we're sticking to it.

So for now -- we'll continue to see children's movies without a child in tow. And we'll continue to shower each other with gifts, and go to the movies 4 times a month, and pay off debt, and plan vacations, and sleep in, and stay up late, and be with friends, and go out to dinner, and be a twosome... for a while more.

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