My first ever... VLOG.

So, I won't lie.
I was a little nervous to actually post my first vlog.
This was the first recording I did tonight.
I did many after this, most of which were better angles, less word stumbling, and more grammatically correct while speaking.
But they all lacked a certain someone jumping into the scene shot.
So, ultimately I decided on this one.


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  1. What a coincidence! I'm planning a surprise trip to San Fran for my husband's birthday in July. I've never been before, but we're staying at Hotel Nikko. It had a good rating and the price was decent. Plus it has a pool, which is a must!

  2. i love this! so daring of you, but it's awesome, and your hair is adorable!

  3. haha awesome. i live in seattle its beautiful. but most people complain about rain/overcast and everything else. its still beautiful and it isn't overcast/rainy all the time.

  4. You will have so much fun in San Fran! If you're driving down to SoCal you HAVE to go to San Diego!


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