Typical Monday (on vacation).

This is how my day went:

6:30 - wake up to the sound of Apollo trying to cough up a hairball (second time, ever). Jump out of bed and stand next to her as though I'm her true mother hoping she's okay or a friend holding her BFF's hair back while she throws up. I don't know which analogy fits better.

8:30 - wake up for real this time. Sean leaves for work. I move all the blankets from my bed to the couch (and close the bedroom door) in the hopes that Apollo follows the blankets and hangs out with me. Instead, she sits across the room staring at me.

9:00 - catch one of my favorite clips of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Record it and text it to Sean.

9:10 - decide to Google "hairballs in cats". Worst mistake ever. I'm now convinced my cat is deathly ill. I break open a "very berry" juice box.
9:30 - organize my craft things for scrapbook weekend. Walk into the office to find a messy desk. Clean the desk. Notice the carpet. On my way to get the vacuum, I see the kitchen floor. I grab the broom, sweep up the kitchen, put the broom away, grab the vacuum, vacuum the office. Leave the vacuum out. Go back to scrapbook things. It all takes all about 25 minutes.

9:55 - back to the couch. Start watching last week's episode of Pretty Little Liars. Apollo is crying to get into the bedroom and back on the bed. After being thoroughly annoyed at Pretty Little Liars, I finish and move onto Kourtney and Kim take Miami.


11:30 - open the bedroom door and replace all the blankets on the bed. Apollo leaves me to take a nap. I make mac & cheese.

12:00 - get the sudden urge to organize my DVDs. Half way thru, I get discouraged and just end up replacing them all unorganized.

2:00 - throw some laundry in the washer, load the dishes in the dish washer and press start and get a phone call. Sit on my bed to chat with my friend and when I hang up, I think "hmm, I think I need a nap from all this activity".

4:15 - wake up from said nap, text Sean to ask him when he'll be home from work (1 hour) so I start making dinner.

4:40 - put the chicken wings in the oven, take the fastest shower ever, get dressed, start making rice, throw on an episode of Friends on TBS.

 5:15 - husband walks through the door, I tell him how busy I've been all day and since the house is clean, dinner is cooking, dishes are done, vacuum is out and the washing machine is on... it looks like it's true.


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  1. I love your cat stories! Sounds like a lovely day!


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