We always have our deep conversations in the car.

Sean and I have a lot of deep conversations in the car.
Driving together. In between belting out our favorite songs we'll start talking about... anything.

We are very different people.
Our likes are different. Our interests are different.
Our hobbies, our careers, our day to day activities... all different.
And I think that's why our views tend to be different from one another.

A lot of people point this out to me:
"you're so different... I guess opposites attract".

Maybe, that's true.
For day to day things, that don't really matter but are important to get you to the next part of life...
We do differ.
But I think we pick up the slack for one another.

I do laundry. He cooks dinner.
We both go grocery shopping.
I watch a lot of TV. He listens to a lot of music.
We both see movies together.
I keep up with celebrity gossip. He keeps up with the science world.
We both keep tabs on politics.

None of these things are life-altering. I suppose.
Maybe, he wouldn't have clean clothes, be caught up on every sitcom on TV or know any celebrity gossip -- without me.
Maybe, I would starve, be in the dark about the newest music, and completely fail a test about NASA -- without him.

On the bigger items like world events, religion, dare I say... gun control -- we don't always agree.
Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't...
sometimes we confuse each other and have to start again.

We're not the same person... and our car rides would be so boring if every time Sean said something to me,
I said "I agree" or "Totally" or "Yup".
Our car conversations start more along the lines of "well..." or "But don't you think...?" or "I don't agree with that".

And I think that's okay. We are different.
We have different likes, interests and knowledge.
We each know things the other does not.
And through communication we try to fill in the gaps.
We attempt to convince the other of our views... in the midst of singing our favorite songs to each other.

And when the other still doesn't agree... we love them anyway.

That's what I think marriage is.
It isn't necessarily liking the same things, doing the same things, thinking the same things...
every step of the way.

It's two people... who might be completely different,
who work together, talk to each other, help each other and love each other.

We may not always think the same thing, but we feel the same thing.
And that's what counts.
That... and the ability to serenade each other in the car.

You gotta have that.

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