Weekend recap.

I feel as though this collage sums up our weekend.
I wanted the husband to take me to Target at midnight on Friday night to purchase Breaking Dawn, part II.
He fell asleep, and I woke him up just to make sure that when I asked... 
he told me he would actually take me.
Then I said... no, no, it's okay as long as you were willing to do it.

In the morning I got my DVD, walked through Target and saw the Easter decorations.
I thought about buying some.
I really like the thought of decorating for holidays.
But when it comes down to it, I feel like it's a waste.
[I know...]
All that work, buying, decorating, admiring...
Only to clean it up, organize it, and find a place to store it all, in just a couple of weeks.
No, thanks.
I've already missed opportunities to decorate for winter, Valentine's day... 
St. Patrick's day is right around the corner, and now apparently Easter.
Oh, well.

I got my DVD home, without any Easter decorations 
and made sure to take a picture of my complete set of Twilight Saga movies.
Apollo wanted in on it... but is clearly confused.
She was supposed to smile... but she looks like she's disgusted and yelling at them.
[She's really yelling at the birds outside that were taunting her.]
One more reason for Sean to make fun.

Sunday morning we were up super early so I could drag Sean to another one of those
It was horrendous.
Remind me never to fall into that trap again, k?
It was a "90-minute talk" that turned into an ALL-DAY event.
And not a fun and exciting one.
It lacked food, drinks and comfort.
I prefer to spend my Sundays on the couch watching DVR,
opposed to in a "resort" being hassled.
Never again. Never again.

The best part was stopping at McDonalds on the way home 
(after not eating anything all day), 
ordering a happy meal and receiving a barbie tiara as my toy.
Oh, the joys in life.

It's Monday, this post lacked any real insight, but I think that's okay.
We're just getting back into the week.
And for me, it's my last week before a two week vacation.

I'm off to watch The Following (I'm so frustrated with it! Does anyone watch??),
and to cut Sean's hair.
Apollo is hunting a bug that is flying around.
We're so busy...

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  1. My boyfriends sister is obsessed with twilight lol xx

    ide love if you checked out my blog, :-). terrileannex.blogspot.com


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