Weekly Recap + a Happy Birthday post!

On the blog:
Wednesday: Happy spring.
Thursday: My first ever vlog.

Happy Saturday!

The 8:27 brown paper packages have been opened.
They were a success.
Sean is anxiously awaiting the 11:27 presents.
As is Apollo, who can't seem to get enough of the wrapping paper.

Then we're off to lunch, a day in Boston, and dinner tonight.
And hopefully, we'll be home for the 9:27 presents, or they'll have to be pushed back.

 Sean Nerbit, Happy 27th Birthday!
I hope you enjoy your sushi lunch, a day outside (even though it's in the 30's), 
and Indian cuisine for dinner.
I know you wouldn't want to spend your day any other way,
and I don't want to spend my days with anybody else. :)

I made pinky promises that I wouldn't complain about the food or the weather,
and that I would give unlimited back rubs to you today.
If anything all these things make me realize how good I have it,
or rather -- how good you are to me...
364 days out of the year.

I love you with all my heart.
You're my best friend.
You're an amazing husband.
And, you make me laugh.

So, Happy Birthday!
[Here's to pretending I love sushi, chicken tikki masala, and 30 degree weather.]


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