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Monday: Weekend Recap.

I'm a little sad that I haven't posted in three days.
I left my house on Wednesday morning with an overnight bag, for two nights.
My plan was to stay at my parent's house since Boston was being hit with a "mammoth" storm.
And we all know I can't drive in such weather.

Since I was packing at 5:30 in the morning, for the next three days, I only thought to bring necessities.
Which, apparently, didn't include my computer.
It's way too heavy to carry among all my other bags.
Side note: I had an overnight bag, a shoe bag, a work bag, a lunch bag, and purse bag.

So... Wednesday it started to snow.
And continued to snow into Thursday morning.
Throughout the day.
Into Thursday night.

And I was crossing my fingers for a snow day on Friday.
But when I didn't get the call before having to leave at 5AM I was super sad.
Luckily, I got the call that it was a snow day before getting onto the highway.
So my dad, who was driving me :), turned around and I spent the next 12 hours,
watching TV in my childhood bedroom, playing with dachshunds, and hanging out with my parents.

Sean, didn't have to work either, and around dinner time he braved the snow (it will still snowing 48 hours later),
and picked me up.

I have to say that I think the weather people sort of got this storm wrong.
On Wednesday they only said 3-6 inches.
By Friday afternoon the numbers were more along the lines of 15-20 inches...
and that was obvious since IT WAS STILL SNOWING.

So anyway, we got home last night and rather than blog,
we ate popcorn and watched DVR.
Big Friday night, I tell ya. :)


  1. Ah, I'm so jealous you live in a land of snow days. I can't imagine not having to go into work because of Snow. But I guess it's a trade off because you have to deal with that cold weather for a few months. Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me...we went and saw Identity Theft last night and it was okay, but i dont think i'd recommend it! Have a great Saturday, xoxo!

    1. I will gladly trade the snow & snow days for the warm SoCal weather :)

      We saw Identity Thief, too. I think the funniest parts were also in the previews... but it was entertaining!

  2. Oh goodness...is it Spring yet?!


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