5 lessons from Dirty Dancing.

I spent the weekend away scrapbooking in a cabin. It was intense and fun and perfect. It was complete with yummy food, a fireplace, hysterical conversations and a running dialogue of the classic lines from Dirty Dancing. Tonight, before I switched to The Following (anyone else watch?), Lifetime was airing Dirty Dancing. It got me thinking... what has this movie taught me?

Obviously, nobody puts Baby in a corner... but there's got to be more.

This is what sticks out for me:
Personal space. Live it. Learn it. Don't interfere with it. Don't come too close unless you're invited. And if you're dancing take this "dance space" super seriously.
It's okay to be wrong. It's okay to make mistakes. What's not okay? Pretending you're right, and not acknowledging otherwise.
Sometimes you say things that are silly, out of place, maybe even inappropriate and/or embarrassing. Cringe but laugh it off later.
People have their own things going on. Don't try to pretend anyone can do anything or that you know all the answers to people's issues. You don't.
Probably the most important. In the movie, it's mainly about dancing... but I think it's true for life as well. Don't you?


  1. I've never thought about it before, but you're right, there are a lot of life lessons in it.

  2. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies!! And I'm absolutely loving the Following - easily the best new show this winter!

  3. And to think the only lesson I have learned for DD is "Noboy puts Baby in a corner"


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