Gossip update: things that don't matter.

When real life news is too much to handle, I immerse myself in celebrity gossip.
It always seems irrational and illogical yet totally entertaining.
I know they're people too, and they didn't ask for the "fame",
but it's kind of part of their deal.

If I were in their shoes, I'd probably be annoyed and even more embarrassed --
but since I'm not, I'll just crack up as I think about all that I read, saw and watched this week:

What would Ryan Lochte do?... Absolutely nothing. His new reality show is slightly painful to get through, but I forced myself to stick it out. It's basically about him going to swim practice, working out, partying with his friends, taking different girls on dates to the same restaurant, and spending time with his family. Hmm, sounds like a normal person? Right. So tell me... even though nothing happened, and I'm still complaining about it days later  -- why do I know that I'll most likely watch the entire season?

I've heard a lot about this train-wreck lately: from the Anne Frank thing, to supposedly getting a tattoo that resembles an ex-girlfriend, to now an apparent drug raid on his tour bus. Some say it was just pot, others say it was narcotics. Who to believe? CNN or TMZ? Either way, I think Justin Timberlake's return of awesomeness has had a major effect on the Biebs. For sure. This is not to say that I don't own and enjoy his latest CD because I do. 

Oh, Reese. Why, oh why? Reese got arrested the other night after her husband was stopped for a DUI. Apparently, she was making a scene, got out of the car even after she was asked not to, and started yelling things like "do you know who I am?" to the police officer -- who I'm sure couldn't care less. Have no fear, because Ryan Phillippe is on "daddy-duty" following the fall-out and while Reese and her husband are on damage control. I'm confused... once you're a dad aren't you always on daddy duty? 

Much like with the whole episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? I also sat myself down for this "special" with the Kardashians and Ryan Seacrest. E! network advertised it as an intimate sit down with the family -- but all I learned was that they're more crazy, more vulgar, and yet more fascinating than ever. I can't help it. And then I'm mad at myself. And PS, you are famous for being famous -- which is fine. Own it.

Jenelle Evans was arrested, again. Shocker. Actually the shocker is the fact that her lawyer is still representing her and still claiming she's innocent and that it was not her heroin. ha! Well, actually, he must be making a ton of money off her -- no wonder, he keeps her around.

So, not a very revealing post. Nothing about me or Sean or Apollo or Artemis.
But sometimes that's okay. Because sometimes you just need entertainment,
or as some may call it: trash.
But it's really oh-so-fun.

And just for good measure, here's my favorite thing I've seen all day:

Happy April 25th!

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  1. Oh my goodness...my guilty pleasure is teen mom 2. Last night as Tucker and I were watching it we asked ourselves the same question and came to the same conclusion about Jenelle!! She is a freaking train wreck!


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