I'm a back-tracker.

Whenever we go places, like shopping for instance, Sean always points out that I walk around in circles and don't have a plan. Of course, I always fight him on this and tell him about how I know what I'm doing and the circles are all part of my plan.Well tonight at the mall, I thought I'd put my new obsession with RunKeeper to work to record my steps and see how far I walked:

Unfortunately, I think it just supported his theory of me being a back-tracker and walking around in circles. He was a good sport, though. :) And he let me pick up clothes, walk around with them, put them down, circle around, go up the escalators --  go down the escalators, and ultimately not purchase anything at all. I'm just so indecisive  Who knew you could walk 2.3 miles inside the mall...?

Today, marks the third day in a row we've gone walking. Here are some pictures from yesterday's walk:

I'll admit: it feels pretty good to spend some time outside.


  1. I always thought it was silly that people go to the mall to get their walk in...but you proved that you really do! you really didn't purchase anyyything? I was looking forward to seeing some purchases!!!

  2. haha wow thats crazy! i can't backtrack its just not in me.


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