Simply Bridal wedding gowns.

I got my wedding dress about 18 months before my wedding. I just knew it was right.
It was one of those things where I found it online, saw it in person, forced myself to try on 4 other dresses first,
but ultimately chose the dress that I knew I wanted.

You know how on Say Yes to the Dress, some brides just say "you'll know when it's right".
For me? That was totally true.
It was easy.

For other brides, it's not that easy.
They're torn, maybe unsure, or it feels like a hassle.
Some brides don't like to try things on, some brides don't want to have this whole additional show in the middle of the store.
I loved the show (in fact, I continuously posed in the middle of the store and thoroughly enjoyed other people telling me how I great I looked -- to each their own).

So if you're not like that, and don't like the whole deal of gathering people up, and forcing them to sit down to watch you try on dresses so they can "ooh" and "aah" at you in public I would suggest checking out Simply Bridal.

Here are some sweet things about this company.
- you can browse their dresses online, from your own couch
- they tell you how to measure yourself, so the dress fits when it arrives
- if you're at all unhappy, they accept the dress back and refund you 100%

That's totally my kind of online shopping. What about you?

The thing is, when you go to all these bridal stores there are a lot of people that need to get paid.
From the designer, "down the chain of command" if you will, straight to the person in the room zipping you up.
[it's a little embarrassing, now that I'm remembering it all].
So, a nice aspect of buying a dress straight from an online retailer like Simply Bridal:
They're able to keep their costs LOW. By cutting out a bunch of the middle people.
And right now, they're offering dresses at 75% off.

The dresses I've been ooh-ing and aah-ing over are marked down from the $600s to the $200s.
Now, that's a great deal.

And, it's not like they're old dresses, or out of season or out dated. 
They're hip, and stylish, and designer.

Here are some of my favorites:
source, sourcesource
I'm a sucker for poofs, sequins and lace.

Their website is easy to use, and all the reviews I've read are super positive.
I mean, I'm not currently in the market for a wedding dress... but if I was I'd totally be into this.

I am in the market for some bridesmaid dresses, so I couldn't help but look at what they offer.
I mean, it's not up to me or anything, but I can't be blamed for just browsing.
Here are two of my favorites:
I also love ruffles and bows. :)
Brides can also choose from 28 colors for all their bridesmaid dresses.
There's definitely great opportunities to put your own touch on the dresses.
And to pick through their veils, and jewelry and accessories.

Ahh, it's just making me what to do the whole dress thing again. I LOVE it.
If you're in their area (NYC or LA) you can go to them and have fittings by booking appointments.
But for all of us who don't live in that general area online shopping is the way to go!

AND, they're offering YOU an additional 15% off with this coupon code: SBL138LJ
It's good through May 7th and I highly suggest somebody use it to get a great deal on the most important piece of clothing you'll ever buy.

I mean, mine is so important it's literally still in the same spot I hung it the day after my wedding.
For real.
Partly because it's so big it doesn't fit anywhere, but mostly because I'm in love with it,
and want to see it every time I enter that room.

you win a dress! 
I wouldn't mind winning a wedding gown just to wear around the house.

My husband may think I've really gone crazy...


  1. Hmmm... I have been browsing these too! I think I need to try some styles on to see how they look? I am so small and not a poufy person - it's all a little overwhelming!

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